Post your Topre boards


Hi-Pro on my work desk at the office. :slight_smile:


the 10AE is just so nice!


Hi @actualglacier I just posted my HHKB I wanted to let you know I posted a Reddit post as well letting everyone know where I got the inspiration. Hope you don’t mind


This is a quality thread :heart_eyes:


HHKB, Hasu, BKE heavy, grey FC660C caps with blanks

FC660C with RF87u black on black caps

Not pictured is a disassembled RF waiting for a retro refrigerator Norbaforce


Haha I was inspired by another post on reddit too!! Love that look



Dolch looks really cool on the NovaTouch.


I love what you’ve done to your keyboard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





Thanks, Shady!


Excuse my French, but what the fuck is this? o.O
Purple Topre domes? And it seems that they are all individual?


BKE Redux Ultra Light domes via Keyclack.


My HHKB Pro 2 with dyed mods. I love this board, perfect for travel. Right now it has some Classic beige keycaps, but I might return it to this configuration one of these days.


My topre keyboard

fc660c white (hipro Slider + keycaps)
fc660c black (realforce silent Slider)
hhkb type-s (hipro keycaps)
fc660c gray (novatouch Slider + gmk hyperfuse origins)

fc660m yellow (cherry red + gmk nautilus)
rama m65 (box black + china dsa godspeed)


These are some really beautiful topre boards! That must have take a lot of effort to gather and put them together. Congratulations!



which mx sliders do you recommend?