Post your Topre boards



this is very hard to answer for several reasons. Most common one, your taste might be different than mine.
I’ve modded mine some time ago, when Novatouches to harvest was pricey, but possible to do/buy.
They’re hard to find nowadays (in Germany), the second sliders i like a lot had been bought from China with some friends, those sliders are not available anymore. We bought a large margin, couple of thousand. They’re a bit longer, which is nice for dampening, i use Hypersphere rings, not loosing much of tactility.

Today there are a lot more options available, that i havn’t tried, maybe some other folks can step in with recommendations that are still available.

Sorry i couldn’t be more helpfull.


Here’s mine: OG Cherry Doubleshots, compatibility mods from GMK 9009, KBDFans sliders(sold my novatouch before I got the JP), HASU controller,
–> still waiting for the enjoyPBT 9009 Topre Kit for my spacebar


This is my HHKB.


ooof those hipro


I’ve done HiPro on the HHKB, but that’s cleaner than mine was. I don’t have all the appropriate keys either. Or the Japanese model for extra points. Very nice.

Some older photos. Not sure what’s on the Norbatouch right now (something GMK), since that’s now the wife’s keyboard. It’s the best keyboard to type on in the house, but I hardly get to use it :frowning:


I don’t have a full photo of the HHKB with the Sony News Topre caps for some reason… so instead here’s my cat and a piece of the HHKB in our temp apartment when we moved a while back. Probably why I don’t have a photo of it…

RealForce is awaiting the Norbaforce case, so it’s in limbo at the moment. Here’s what it looked like last.


Couldn’t agree more with @belfong 's mention of the 10th AE. The BoomBox mods are also pretty stellar!


Great Collection! I currently have a prototype Norbaforce (no pictures on hand unfortunately) and I’m waiting to get my production one (hopefully soon!) Which Norbatouch case color/finish did you go with?

PS. Cute cat


Will post when I get my Norbaforce cases.


Norbatouch with BKE light domes, Hyperspheres, Nuclear Data SA

will post norbaforce when I receive


Thanks man!

The Norbatouch pictured is a prototype, hence the unique color.

For the Norbaforce, I wanted hard anodized, so went with the Tactical Black.

I took a photo of the current setup for the Norbatouch:


I had a Novatouch before and the sliders (in the OG) board were buttery smooth.(best option IMO :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:)
I’m using KBDfans cyan sliders now. they’re a little smaller in diameter than the original ones but very smooth nonetheless.The’re absolutely fine for me (my main KB has MX Clears , so take it with a grain of salt :upside_down_face: ).
The keycaps are sitting solidly in the stems and don’t fall of or stick.

Lastly I had to sand the stabilized sliders (used 1000 grit) but they’re smooth now and don’t have any play at all.

Hope that helped you :v:


So you selling those HiPro’s?


Haha, never! I love them too much! :smiley:


Had to try:sunglasses:


Loving those hipro caps !!


Flipped spacebars and mx sliders are the only acceptable way to topre.

Aerospace aluminium norbatouch with landing pads. Caps are OG WoB mods and Alcatel Lucent alphas (it usually has OG dyesubs on though)


Your board does make a strong argument in your favor (very nice :metal:). For me though I’m really hesitant to switch the original sliders out of my 660C since they are so damn smooth. I’d probably do it if I could get my hands on NT sliders or some from the RF RGB, but I think KBDfans or JTK sliders would give me a worse feel.



Stock domes except for the spacebar it has a BKE light.


I have a standard white Realforce 87U 55g but this Novatouch is my favorite.
CM Novatouch, BKE Lights w/ Heavy on spacebar. Silence-x rings, and SA Berserk, lubed stabilizers with dielectric grease.


I love GMK Yuri.