Post your Topre boards


Topre is Life!


oh dang those ping hipros!!! looks so good. i really want a type-s. that is probably my end game, with some modifications of course



Mine is a type-s with out the rings. Buddy wanted a black case and caps so we traded. You Hipros look great. That black on black is nice.


thanks, I hope to scoop up a set of purple next time there is another raffle. could use the purple mods to ad a nice splash of color. Mine is currently lubed and silenced on stock domes.

If i had a type-s id lube it and throw these black hipros on. I think that would look really nice. I just need to wait until one pops up on mechmarket at a decent price.


KMK Labs


It’s not a finished Topre Board but I hope this is allowed. I have an amazing case made by Mr. @Norbauer but I wanted to work on something a little more unique… This is still a work in progress but I have a friend that has a powder coating set up and I wanted something that stood out a little more. I snapped a few pictures of the process to look back on and I hope you guys enjoy!


Was doing such a great job fighting the urge to buy some Pexon cables. Your HHKB pic broke me. I now have two ordered.


I just received my first Realforce board today. 87u 55g uniform.

Nothing has any right to feel this nice to type on. Literally only thing that could improve the board for me would be the HHKB backspace spot and split backspace. I literally just got a new “my favorite board” with my NightFox build, but, to put things eloquently, this done gone and wrecked the hell outta that idea.

Got a rose colored Pexon cable coming for the HHKB because I’m obsessed with rose and black. Got a carbon Pexon cable coming for the Realforce. Now to resist buying a black 87u and a rose cable with that…


I don’t think I ever posted the Norba-laser here but I definitely think it qualifies:


Norba-Laser too, sort of :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont like color but excellent work. Congratulations for the final result

KMK Labs.


Thank you! I was going to go black but I thought about it and wanted something more out there. This is actually made with the SA Troubled Minds R2 in mind so it won’t be “complete” until then.



My Norbatouch, BKE redux heavy, SA 1976, KBDFans Silence-X, types like a dream.


My new work driver~


Where did you order the new ANSI one from?


used blackship, which is a forwarding service of white rabbit express.


That came out really clean. Also, SA profile looks good with the Norbatouch case.


Does this model come with MX-compatible sliders?