[Pre-Order] Keylice 65%--Dual mode Alice layout keyboard with arrow key, Excellent surface process, Multi-mount, Support both lotlab and VIA

Prototypes: Silver / Gray / Black / Ice Blue / E-White

Videos: Unboxing & Assembly & Sound Test(E-white) / Assembly & Sound Test (E-milky white) / Assembly & Sound Test(Gray)


Accessory Photos (New update: Carrying case)

Greetings keyboard friends!

The preorder of Keylice 65% is live now! According to your feedback we have marked down the price from 340$ to 320$, and there is also a carrying case in the kit for every customer who purchases the keyboard.(Check the kit content at the end of the post.)


About appearance: Due to the designer’s love for the layout of Alice and the rigid demand for Bluetooth connection, Kenny 42 studio designed this keyboard called Keylice. The designer believes that the Alice layout is already eye-catching enough in appearance, and the slender appearance adds a sense of softness for it, so there is no more personality elements are added.

About layout: The original intention of Keylice’s layout design is to serve more people’s demand, and users can adjust the layout according to their own needs. Therefore, on the basis of the arrangement of Chocolice, Keylice retains the middle 1U Fn key of the standard Alice layout, and adds 2.75u shift and split backspace.

Layout picture

About weight: In order to echo the bottom case, the shape of the weight has changed from the original rectangle to a trapezoid with both sides parallel to the extension of the bottom case, which can make the weight looks less dull and boring to a certain extent, and increase the sense of vitality.

PCB Features
Flexibility: No felx cuts
Support: VIA
PCB thickness: 1.6mm
Bluetooth solution: Lotlab solution
Connection method: Wired, Bluetooth 5.0
Switches installation method: Solder, Hot-swap
PCB material and process: imported black core immersion gold transparent ink
Mount: Gasket mount (whole plate/half plate/plateless), Top mount (whole plate/half plate)
Key layout: multi-layout Alice ( both hot-swap and solder PCB support multi-layout)

Layout: Alice 65%
Size: 356.89mmx 127.92mm x 35.71mm
Weight: 2.15kg (without switches and keycaps)
Type angle:
Front height: 18.95mm in the middle, 21.1mm on both sides (including the exposed part of the foot pad: 1.30mm)
Case material: 6063 aluminum
Surface process: Electrophoresis/Anodized
Anode mesh number: 150
Default Plate: FR4 (Add on: PC, Alu, FR4)
Default PCB: Hotswap/Solder

5 case colors to choose
Anodized aluminum: Black, Silver, Gray, Ice Blue
E coat: Milky White

10 weights to choose
Regular weight
Anodized aluminum: Black, Silver, Ice Blue
Premium weight
PVD Stainless steel: Black, Silver
Sandblasted electrophoretic brass
Black crack stainless steel

Preorder Info
Preorder Time: July 4th to August 31st, 2023 (The customer who purchases before August can have a gift of walnut hand rest. )
Estimated Delivery Time: 2 months after Preorder end
(The customer who purchases on our website before August can get the keyboard earlier.)
Sale format: Unlimited
Early Bird Price: From 320USD

edwardtanujayaa(Ice Blue+Silver PVD weight)
Nearlucid(E-white+E-brass weight)
Febust(Silver+Silver PVD weight)
We will keep update the reviews here, please stay tuned!

Regional Vendors (TBD)
US: Keebsforall
UK: Mechboards
CA: Deskhero
The rest of the world: Velocifire

Kit Content
FR4 Plate
Poron pad between PCB and plate1
IXPE pad
Poron bottom pad 1
PC battery compartment cover 1
Insulation pad
Insulation pad
Ipex antenna2
3000mAh battery
Keyboard carry bag1
Foot stickers
2 sets
Gas silica gel

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Will there be a wrist rest available?

Is VIA supported for both hotswap and solder version of the PCB? Do both hotswap and solder versions of the PCB support Bluetooth?

If you purchase a keylice keyboard before August you can get a walnut hand rest for free.
Yes, VIA supports for both hotswap and solder version of the PCB, and both hotswap and solder versions of the PCB support Bluetooth.

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