[Pre-order] Lintech Deskmat - - Price USD21.99, 1000mm x 500mm Large Size, Tech-Inspired Style

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Thank you immensely to all those who appreciate the design of this deskmat. Below, you’ll find the pre-order details and product information for the Lintech Deskmat. Quickly scroll down to get all the INFO!

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Pre-order Information

Price: USD21.99

Pre-order Time: From Jan 12th to Jan 21th

Estimated Delivery: Around 2 weeks

Vendor List:

Design Inspiration

The design inspiration for this deskmat is primarily drawn from the concept of links, specifically the connecting lines to represent the transmission paths of electronic signals. These lines’ intricate and extending interweaving form an orderly and layered pattern. Subtle color variations add a dynamic feel to the overall design, seamlessly combining a sense of technology with modern aesthetics.

Deskmat Specifications

  • Color options: Colorful, White, and Green
  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 500mm x 4mm
  • Smooth Cloth Top
  • Non-Slip Rubber Bottom
  • High-quality stitched edges
  • Water-resistant
  • Weight: 1182g

Review links

Content Creator Deskmat Color
edwardtanujayaa Colorful
captain.sterling Colorful
hi_keebs Green

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