[Pre-Order] Lio87 - 99USD With A Large Light Bar, Top-Like Mount, Full-RGB, Pre-Build, Wireless, Hot-Swappable Keyboard

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After a month, we have brought you a brand new mechanical keyboard called Lio87. It’s a top-like mount, wireless, full-RGB, hot-swappable, pre-build mechanical keyboard featuring a nano-spray coated case, a large light bar, a left-side scroll wheel, a battery life of over a week, and high-quality PBT keycaps, this keyboard offers smooth, precise typing and a triple-mode connection for maximum flexibility. Without further ado, let’s check more details about it below!





  • A keyboard with nano-spray coating on the case, a large light bar, a scroll wheel on the left of the case, a USB2.0-Hub port, a triple-mode connection, a battery life of more than a week with the lights on, and dye-sublimation on all five sides with high PBT content Keycaps, smooth acting switches, six-layer inner tank filling with an FR4 plate (Apply PU film to optimize the typing sound), and an average delay of about 10ms.

  • Top-like mount, good consistency, strong feedback.

  • The first 87 layout keyboard with a left-side horizontal scroll wheel design on the market. Comfortable human-keyboard interaction.

  • The whole case matches the spray texture of the first-line big brands.

  • The filling is full, and the top case is with the poron pad. It is the first keyboard in the industry to stick Pu film on the PCB.


  • Brand: GeekElite
  • Keyboard name: Lio87
  • Number of keys: 87 keys
  • Net weight: About 1.3KG
  • Size: 375mm x 160mm x 38mm
  • Front height: 18.5mm
  • Case material: Plastic
  • Keycap
  1. Material: Doubleshot PBT (PBT content is higher than 80%)
  2. Process: Five-sided sublimation
  3. Thickness: 1.6mm
  4. Profile: MDA
  • Switch
  1. Name: Lavender switches
  2. Type: Linear
  3. Stem: POM extended stem
  4. Top cover material: PC
  5. Bottom cover material: Mixed nylon
  6. Actuation force: 43gf
  7. Bottom out force: 50gf
  8. Actuation travel: 1.9mm
  9. Total travel: 3.5mm
  10. Spring length: 22mm
  11. Spring material: KOS steel wire imported from South Korea
  12. Standard factory lubed only

Content creators (TBD)

Lewis Toh

Pre-Order Info

  • Pre-order Time: 1st Feb - 4th Mar 2024 GMT+8
  • Pre-order Price: 99USD (In-stock price: 119USD)
  • Sale Format: No limited
  • Estimated Delivery Time: one week after pre-order ends
  • Vendor: Velocifire

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