[Pre-Order] Velocifire - 89USD RX870 Pre-built Per-key RGB, Tri-mode Mechanical Keyboard (22/3 - 10/4)


Hello everyone, today we bring you our latest pre-built keyboard RX870. Say goodbye to dull typing sessions and hello to a world of infinite opportunities. :fire::heart:

Without further ado, let’s check more details about it below!



  • The cases adopt a thick plastic injection molding process, which is thicker than ordinary plastic keyboard cases.
  • The cases are made of skin-friendly material, which feels delicate and comfortable.
  • The cases are fixed by 6 screws on the top and bottom, making it easy to disassemble.
  • Equipped with high-quality RX stabilizers, the typing sound and feel are superior
  • Stable Bluetooth, 2,4g connection
  • Aluminum alloy anode metal decoration adds beauty to the keyboard
  • DSA profile keycaps can make typing sounds more focused
  • Five layers of internal padding give you an unparalleled typing experience


Worldwide: Velocifire


  • Net weight: 1.38kg

  • Size: 370 x 140 x 38mm (Including Keycaps)

  • Stabilizer: RX customized stabilizers

  • Switch: TTC Yunhai switches

  • Keycap thickness: 1.2mm

  • Polling rate: wired/2,4G (1000Hz), Bluetooth (125Hz)

  • Manufacturer: RX-Storm Studio

  • Switch


Pre-order Info

  • Time: 22nd March - 10th April 2024
  • Early Bird Price: 89 USD
  • ETA: Ships in one week after pre-order ends
  • Vendor: Velocifire (worldwide)

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Photos IRL

Interestingly thick plastic case. The keycaps looks more like to be ASA than DSA

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