Premium wireless 60% board recommendations?

I’ve been looking for a premium 60% with wireless capabilities, but the only option that comes to mind is the QK60 (that should be coming back soon, but I’m too impatient and need a work board ASAP). I wish I pulled the trigger on it, but I got cold feet and let it pass by.

Wondering if there are any sleeper options that y’all know of that I might not know about!

Alu or PC case would be nice.


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The most “premium” thing I can think of would be a heavy grail with wireless hhkb internals. Some people posted instructions for this in the heavy grail thread. The wireless HHKB itself could also be considered an endgame 60% to a lot of people.

You could get something like a Nice!60 or BT60 PCB for pretty much any 60% that has space for a battery. Just wouldn’t recommend using one with a metal case and plate combo since it would block the signal. Tray mount, top mount, gasket, a lot of boards would fit one of these things. Off the top of my head, kbdfans 5° has a battery cutout, J-02 could definitely fit a battery (though idk if a cf plate would block Bluetooth), Sirius 60 could work if you take out the weight and Dremel a bit, the wooden tofu could definitely be dremeled to fit a battery. Those are just the ones I know of off the top of my head; a lot of 60s would work with a PCB drop in like this.

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