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I like typing on bumpy switches! Who else likes typing on bumpy switches?

My favorite bumpy switch is the bumpy MOD. I will also tell you why.

Bumpy is important, but bumpy needs to be silent all around. Making bumpy switches silent is hard because you might lose the bumpy bump. MOD switches have a very high bump. That’s the bumpiness I like the most. Using QMX clips with those is dangerous but it works just fine. 45g MOD-L are super extra bump in my book. Put a QMX on it and a hard silencing o-ring into the keycap and you almost have a tactile laptop keyboard… but, with way more BUMP!

There it is.



I’ve never had the pleasure of trying MOD switches myself but am curious about them. Sadly with all the new switches coming out these days I feel like not many people even know about them anymore!


Where does one buy these try out thier supreme bumpiness ?

#4 or both sell MOD switches.

MOD switches are lowkey one of the best cherry style tactiles I’ve used. like bump said, the bump being at the very top of the switch is great.


they are produced by OCO with Gateron. OCO managed to even press MOD onto the top housing, unlike others… :stuck_out_tongue:

fyi they’re worth the price, get a sampler of all tactile weights from OCO.


I have MOD-H’s and I am neutral about them. Don’t love em, don’t hate em. They do have the bumpy bump but also a bit of scratchy scratch and wobbly wobble.



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Same here. I prefer my 78g Zealios over the MOD-H, but the MOD-H is inoffensive. I definitely like the MOD-H more than MX Clears, but the tactile game left legit Cherry-branded switches behind a long time ago, IMHO.


Hmmm. Not such a big fan of bumps. They just make me pop up and down, hurts my bum. I like to slide in smooth without resistant. Just a smooth in and out with a nice thock.


If you felt my minivan with XDA Milestone on it at the Vancouver meetup then you have :wink:

Personally I prefer Zealios to Mods, but mods aren’t bad once you break them in a bit.


I did try it out and remember but would probably need to spend some quality typing time on them to get a real idea of feel.

We’re all spoiled for choice these days. My go-to MX switch is still the 78g Zealios.

Which Zealios are you using these days?


35g Zealios in my M65-A, 62g Zealios in my main minivan, and 35g Zilents in my AMJ40