Pretty decent DSA keycaps on Massdrop


I don’t know, guys. This seems too good to be true for DSA fans.

The only thing I see wrong is that the font on the home block is smaller than the main mods.


Wowee zowee that’s value. I think I might pick one up just have have a DSA set on hand for videos


Who is “WinMix?” Is anyone familiar with them?


I’m gonna pull the trigger on this one. I’ve been looking for an affordable dsa set to slap on a Nyquist gaming pad and num/macro pad pair. The base, num, and ortho sets will cover that and give me all the proper key legends on the cheap. Hopefully warping on 1 & 2u caps are minimal, lol.


There’s even an international kit for just $15, that has like 60+ keys in it!


I’m in. I don’t have any DSA and this is a great deal even if they aren’t anything special