Prime Day Deals for Keyboard Peoples

Feel Free to share products that might be useful for us:

Nanuk Storage Cases

Akro Mils 44 drawer - Other sizes may also be on sale, I didn’t check.

Self Healing Cutting Mat - A lot of people, including myself, like to use these kinds of mats to do keyboard work on.

A Dremel Kit - corded, lots of stuff

A Cheaper Dremel Kit - cordless, less accessories

Brush Tray - store your lube brushes cleanly!

Brushes that some people find comfortable - obviously cheaper brushes are out there, but many like the handles on these


+1 for the Nanuk cases, love my 923!
+1 for the Cordless Dremel. I’ve used both corded and cordless, and I love them. so much easier to use, when you don’t have to be tethered to the wall.


Ultrasonic Cleaner - This one just happens to be on sale, but most in the $40-100 price range will do just fine for keycaps & switches.I purchased a different even cheaper looking one for $40 and it’s done me fine


Not really keeb related, but the Bose QC35II is on sale for $200.

Their grate for office environments and travel.

$85.50 DataVac with atachments Quit blowing your hard erned money on cans of air. :wink:
There is an ESD version, for 107, but it’s not on sale.


+1 for the DataVac (I love that tool mines been going strong for 8 years!)


Ditto. lol

Hard to believe how expensive they have become. that was only $52.70, when I bought it.

Wonder how many hundreds to thousands of dollars, that’s saved me on cans of air. lol

Edit: Obligatory:


Those brushes look pretty good, especially the pointy tip.

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Thanks for pointing out the ultrasonic cleaners - I’ve been meaning to pick one up for like a year now and I just kept forgetting about it. I’ve got a yardsale-find one somewhere… but it is both tiny and crusty.

Question: Is this something I could use to clean some housings that got thoroughly coffee’d? I know there are metals that can oxidize making up the leaves / contacts - so would I want to use something other than water?

Distilled water :+1:

Also, if you’re worried about particularly sticky substances, distilled water + 1-2 denture tabs


Oh awesome. Thanks for the tips!

That’s convenient because I always keep distilled water around for my Darth Vader machine.

Well - that’s what I call my CPAP, anyway - it’s just more fun to say.


Warning denture tabs, may result in smelly switches. I used some once to clean a water bottle, per what I had read on some bike forums… never again. Ended up throwing out a $20 water bottle, because it retained the nasty want to be mint smell and taste.


Would recommend against using them in an enclosed space like a water bottle :eyes: I used them in my alps and they are fine after airing out

Edit: if it was a metal waterbottle, then it might have mixed with the metal magically

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When I put my CPAP on I often cackle and say “I am Bane!” in true Christopher Nolan unintelligible style.


So so true on both quotes! I got a DataVac about 3 months after building my gaming PC like 6 yrs back. Wasting stupid amounts of money on canned air (even buying bulk cases!) is what made me grab one too LOL! So glad I did though, not only has it served it original purpose of dusting my PC, it makes a great dusting tool for KBS too! Love those things! :grinning:


Speaking of Keyboard Cleaning, now you all can get serious for cheap

Cleaning Gel


Mini Vac

There are mixed reviews on the WOWSTICK but how can you resist a name like Wowstick?

I’ve used it before and personally the torque is a bit low for my preference, but it’ll work if you have a lot of screws to do. That’ll be some Wowstick screwing action alright.

While I prefer my good ol’ Hakko Flush Cutters, $5 is $5

$5 Flush Cutters

Inexpensive set of ESD-Tweezers A must have for keyboard fiddling if you don’t already have a set. If you work a lot with SMD components, I’d recommend spending more for a nicer set.

ah yes, I own this set. I call it the stabby stabby set. They bend very easily on the tip, too. However, the flat ones are indispensable.

Hakko Clone Fume Extractor

A nicer looking fume extractor that I might actually buy

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