Prints and Stickers - Cntrl Keys


I bet at least a few of you knew this already - I’m super good at being late to the party. I’ve seen these lovely prints around but wasn’t sure who had made them, and once I learned the name of the website it took a contextual eternity (read: a whole minute) to find the website.

I say let’s give this talented artist a little SEO boost at the very least - take a look at Cntrl Keys!


Thanks for posting this! I’ve seen these around but I didn’t realize there were stickers I could buy. Just picked up a bunch.


Wow thank you so much for the shoutout! Really appreciate it~ Going to be having another shop update at the end of the month with more stuff! Will have desk mats and more later next month. Thank you all for your support!!


Welcome, and I’m glad to see your store doing well!

I really like your illustrations, especially the one you did for the upcoming honey switches. :honeybee:


Hahah thank u so much!! Also is one of my favorite collabs that I have done so far :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Might be something wrong with my computer but when I click the link it takes me here. [NO] [H] Dactyl-ManuForm, ProgresTouch Retro Tiny (66 key, MX Silent Red), DZ60 ISO 5° KBDFans Frosted case, GH60 ISO [W] Paypal, Vipps, Cash - #8 by FSund The embed takes me to the site though.

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Does the same for me too. Edit: fixed!

Ooh, that’s why I got a notification about a link from this thread, but couldn’t understand what it was about.

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