Problem with flashing DZ60

Hey, I recently built my DZ60 and went to flash it with QMK Toolbox, I proceeded to flash it with a custom hex, however now the keyboard does not work and the keys arent functional anymore. Also when I Space + B it does not recognize on toolbox anymore so i can not change the hex or reset it.

Any help would be much appreciated

What did QMK Toolbox say when you tried to flash it?

I was only able to flash it once, but that is when the kb stopped working, now qmk cannot detect it anymore.

here is what i see

Just to be sure, you’re pressing space + b while you plug in the USB cable?

Thats what i am doing but it aint detecting anymore, i also noticed after flashing my keyboard the underglow is not lit up anymore.

Wait what is the 1up60hse PCB showing up, is that a different board you have plugged in?

You probably clicked the load button in QMK, which made it use the 1up firmware. If I recall correctly the pcb has a reset switch on the underside, which allows you to start it in boot loader mode. Try connecting the board and pressing the button while you have QMK open. Once connected just open the hex file and do NOT click the load button, but just simply flash the opened file. Hope this works for you.

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I believe they got rid of the reset button with the newer versions, but you should be able to use one of the combinations listed in the manual like Space + Esc or Space + Backspace to reset it (but I haven’t really tried this).

Ah, didn’t know that. There will always be a reset pin on the MCU, so worst case you can use tweezers to reset it.

Hey guys i solved my issue i realized I installed the wrong firmware on the pcb and I reset it and now it works, thanks for the help

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