Programming Revo Kmini



Anybody that could help me program my Revo Kmini? So far I’ve used the program “Kminikeymap” to make a hex file and get that on the keeb with QMK Toolbox. That does seem to work in a way but not completely. What I can’t do;

  • change capslock to control (and yeah this -really- annoys me, especially for gaming
  • program media control (vol up/down, previous track and next track)

What works;

  • all the basic commands that you can find on a keyboard, like page up-down, scroll lock etc.
  • layers
  • macro’s, although I have no clue how to actually use these :stuck_out_tongue:

What I would like;

  • change caps to control
  • add media control for the macro cluster
  • add a macro that acts as a alt-tab (so alt-tab with a single button press)

Anybody that could help me with this? :slight_smile:


Hey, not an expert but happy to help if I can, I don’t know the board, what layout is it using?

They are several configurators online that should help you making an hex file with the things you need but it all depends what pcb your board is using, is it a particular one of that keyboard?

Other way is directly editing code in the default files that I guess you used to make the hex file.
The things you want are pretty easy:


From what I can tell, this board isn’t in the QMK repo, at all. Unless I’m missing it completely.

So, I’m not sure how much those links are going to work.
But if the board is in a forked version of QMK, then that’s fine, and it will work.


Yes, I read quickly and I thought QMK had been used to make the hex file as well.
If the firmware is totally different from QMK those won’t work.
If it is a fork of QMK those will work, or in case of a fork of TMK something very similar.
Send some links with info about the board and we should be able to tell you.


There are a number of ways to make the hex file. And the QMK Toolbox will still flash them. :slight_smile:

And yeah, a link to the board’s info/firmware would make it a lot easier to help here.


I hope the following will help. This is what the program looks like that I use to make the hex file.
So I don’t input any codes at all like you do in QMK unfortunately. I select the layout I want, press make hex and use that hexfile to flash the keyboard using QMK Toolbox.

To reset the keyboard I have to hold caps while plugging the keyboard in. Where should I look to help you find out what firmware etc the keyboard has?


Oh myy.

You can probably change the CAPS LOCK to Left Control, and that will be fine. Though… that depends on how the reset code processes things. I think it should be fine, though.

As for macros … the easiest/only way to do that is likely going to be to reverse engineer the physical matrix and port this to QMK/TMK/etc.

It looks like the KMAC is actually in QMK. And if both models are using similar boards, then the Kmac Mini is using an atmega32u4, and can be ported.

But porting isn’t exactly simple or straight forward.


Yeah, I figured porting to QMK would be the best option. I have somebody nearby that might be able to help me with that luckily so I’ll see how that goes. Still hope that isn’t needed though, just to make it easier for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Did it :slight_smile:


Merged. :slight_smile:


@Poesjuh @Maartenwut Not only is the Kmini added to QMK, it is formatted and works on the QMK Configurator site now.

Have at it! :slight_smile:


Good stuff being done here :smiley: