I truly hope that it would not end up that way, but, strait up Lynn is not trustworthy. He still has old noise he has still not taken care of. I dont know your history in this scene but he has already shown disregard for you in this situation. I hope for your sake that is a sign of whats to come with Lynn, please for your own financial well being, you take what has already happened here as a sign of whats to come.


I’ve sent out 3 refunds with the funds I had remaining in Paypal and the funds I’ve gathered from selling a few items.

For the rest of the refunds, I will be sending a wire transfer to my family member in the states tomorrow. I believe it takes up to 5 business days for wire transfers. I hope to give out all refunds by the end of the month. Again, thanks for your support, understanding, and patience.

This will be a learning experience for me. If I were to offer something like this again, I will front my own money before transferring funds Paypal funds into my bank account.


I believe all refunds have been processed minus any separate agreements or requests!


Good god, can we all take a moment to commend @Seoulcialite for the way this has gone. The speed of action taken. The personal responsibility. The communication.

I’ll never hesitate to join another proxy buy if you decide to offer one, man. Good work here.

Can you take over for 3 of the group buys I’m in, please? Ha


any update on $850 SS version?

Thank you! But I don’t think I did anything extraordinary. I just acted and responded in a way that I expect any decent company to handle a similar situation. I plan to offer other items for proxy soon and I’ve had thoughts of becoming a vendor for Asia in the future. So, I want to maintain a good reputation.

From what I know, the group buy has mostly been cancelled. Lynn does plan to manufacture only the weighted version for a separate international order (which I suspect is from China).