[Proxy] Used Leopold and Realforce Keyboards [TEMPORARILY CLOSED]

Hi. Seoulcialite here with another proxy service.

Some used Leopold and Realforce keyboards (especially FC660C’s and 87u’s) sell for considerably less on the Korean used market. This allows me to relist them internationally with an added fee (between 10% to 15%) but still stay below average market prices even with international shipping. I’ve provided proxy shipping to almost 50 Topre keyboards which have sold $20 to $50 less than average. (However, the difference may be less these days as my numerous listings seem to be setting the market prices lately :laughing:.)

As word gotten around, I’ve been getting requests more consistently so I’ve decided to create a form to help me keep track.

You can view the form here: TEMPORARILY CLOSED to catch up on requests

If you’re interested, fill out the form. I will then respond with an estimated price range and time frame. I usually don’t require payment upfront. However, if I think that your specific keyboard may be difficult to resell in the event that you cancel the request, I may require a small non-refundable fee (that can be used towards your purchase). Let me know if you have any questions. I am usually quicker to respond on discord. Username is seoulcialite#4633.


I guess this is good for folks in the US looking to buy a used board, but utter trash for those of us selling who now have to complete against the the boards you’re flooding the market with. So sellers in Korea make more money, and you make money, but people in country now make less – pass.

Oof. I can write a long drawn out response to this but I’ll simply just say this: If you’re against free market capitalism, you’re barking up the tree.


I would be interested but I just bought a 660c from you on mechmarket :slight_smile:

Maybe I need a 3rd? :thinking:

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Is there a way for you source some FC660C caps?

its almost like if the prices are so easily undercut, maybe they were too high to begin with?
I doubt this will lead to a flood of used topre in the market.


What colorway are you looking for? I have blue and gray that I would like to swap for the light color or black.

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I’ve very rarely seen listings for FC660C keycaps. I think I’ve only seen it offered twice in the past 8 months.

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Yeah it’s a rare find to see someone selling just stock Leopold or RF caps by themselves. Then there is the colored sets PFU released a good while back which go for crazy amounts on the second hand market. It’s possible to find them, but expect to be looking for a long time @frostfiree.

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I am looking for beige, I have the black on black set.

Yeah I figured, it has been hard to find a different set of caps.