[psa] asking for community's help

If you come across an MT3 Serika set with exact 3 kits with Katakana alpha, Modifiers and Super Homing from a seller from SINGAPORE, please ask him/her to show proof of purchase (Drop’s transaction page or email receipt or the label pakaging). If the person can’t or show a paper label with order # ending 4173407, please contact me here or via email 0901875@gmail.com or Reddit u/nixpalto or Geekhack thelaughingman or Drop eapdang. The reason is my set was accidentally left on a Grab ride and the driver is now say he doesn’t see the box. So I would very much like to get the set back, happy to pay the person for his/her trouble.

Long story: I’ve been a long time (Mass)Drop user, all the way back 2015. (Mass)Drop doesn’t ship to my country so for all of my purchases I had them deliver to a friend and then I pick up from that friend. This last Wednesday my friend went to collect the set and in a hurry forgot to bring the box out of the Grab ride (Grab is like Uber). My friend’s been contacting Grab to ask the driver but he repeatedly denies ever seeing it. I’m NOT saying the driver took it, could be the next passenger or the next or the next that took it. But whoever does I doubt will have any use for the keycaps and would try to sell it since they can see the value label in the packaging. Thus I would very much get my set back.

Thank you all for reading!


Ouch that’s a bummer…

Be sure to set up some tracking and notifications on the keywords on the local fleebay, on Ebay, reddit etc…

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thanks man! I’ve posted this in the SG KB community Discord as well. now it’s just waiting :slight_smile: