Pssst... Dixie is now Omnitype. Pass it on

From the announcement release:

When I started this business out of my bedroom in my mother’s house, I had no expectation that it would grow to where it is now, and it’s safe to say that I did not put as much thought as I should have into how the name ‘Dixie’ could be perceived. While there was no ill intent when I originally chose the name, it is no longer lost on us that it carries negative connotations. As a result, we have made the decision to move past the name to ensure there is no confusion with our stance on the matter. We do not support or glorify the ‘Old South’ mindset.


Oh, fair enough - and ultimately good on them as far as their intentions go. “Dixiemech” was pretty darn catchy and memorable, though - as a native Tennesseean I have to admit I’ll miss the name as much as I support the intention of changing it.

I always got kind of a “rednecks might surprise you” (in a good way) vibe from the old name, but I also understand that doesn’t necessarily come across for everybody. “Omnitype” isn’t nearly as interesting, but it does fit comfortably in the hobby aesthetically.

Glad I snagged some stickers and a coozie before the change, just for posterity. :wink:

Edit: I should probably clarify that my nostalgia for this name is purely about that good vibe one can get reclaiming something negative and turning it on its head to be positive or wholesome - think Terry Pratchett’s take on Death.

But - like the Almost Politically Correct Redneck, the name would never be free of its nature. I have to agree with @badnewsblair; it really is best to leave these symbols in the past, and I think he made the right call here.

“The South really is super inclusive. We’ve got weirdos everywhere!”


Not gonna lie, when I read Omnitype really fast, I read it as Omittype


TBH, I didn’t realize the correlation but admire his empathy. Respect. New logo renders coming soon?



When I see the new logo, I just keep thinking of angry people


Aye - long story short and oversimplified, “dixie” means “south of the mason-dixon line” and is more or less an analogue for the society envisioned by the Confederate rebellion. More innocuously (and honestly much more often these days) it’s just a blanket term for the geographical southern US - but it’s never been totally divorced from its etymology.


Got it. That makes sense. So Dixie would be the inverse to Yankee?

Agreed. It’s very busy and sharp looking. Idk, I’m no designer and don’t own a keyboard shop. Maybe it’s the red.

Logo feels very Cyberpunk Corporation to me


YES! Nailed it. Billboard on top of a skyscraper, overlooking a futuristic cityscape.


It seems like the design firm chose to incorporate an element of the original (the red ‘X’) while not referencing the flag directly, but I’m curious to see if they plan on providing more insight into the direction. Regardless, I think the community always knew the change was inevitable.


Good on Mike!

I live in “Dixie” (Richmond, VA - Capital of the Confederacy) and I’m more than happy to see it far in the rear view mirror.


Does this mean a new :anger:GMK mold needs to be made to squeeze in a branded key to novelty kits :laughing:


As someone just barely south of the Mason-Dixon, I am very happy to see the dropping of the name Dixie. I know that there was a novel purpose behind it that was meant, but I know that it is better for the future to change it, and I am happy to see this change coming and for the future of the company in 2021 to be very bright :slight_smile:


The new logo reminds me of the Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil.


@Deadeye @badnewsblair I think yall got the dudes mixed, isn’t this guy garett and mike is the novelkeys guy?

I gotta add another agreement though, I’m not surprised and am happy to see this change, although the new branding does seem kinda generic.


You are correct. Mike is NovelKeys_ and Garrett is Dixie Omnitype.

Glad to see the change too. The original name made me uncomfortable.

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Yeah! You’re right! I am incorrect. Good on you Garrett!

I mean Mike’s still doing good stuff too.

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As someone from Boston, the thought crossed my mind, but happy when I first saw his announcement. With the empathy and the power of technology to empower us, it’s always nice to see progress forward :slight_smile:


When I read omnitype very quickly, it looks like omittype

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lol you already mentioned this last week. xD