PTFE Powder in Isopropyl for Switches?

Has anyone tried dissolving their PTFE dry powder in isopropyl for switches?

The isopropyl should evaporate and leave the dry PTFE powder behind, but while it’s liquid, it makes it easy to paint on the switches.

I have some on order, so I’ll report back if it works - may find some time during the holidays to work on some new switches.


Seems like a @Walkerstop question

It has been done before, I believe successfully.

I use the spray PTFE to similar effect to bag lube alps stems.

yes, so last year october for leon’s tx84 build we revived this again.

get any ptfe powder, the smaller the better. get 99% ipa. mix, however you feel is good, apply and let dry.

you can find more on this, or rather how leon ended up doing it (which is a bit short cutter) after my 2 weeks of testing, here:

I ended up deleting all my pics on it from instagram because my application testing was done on what I had laying around (MX) and the final feel testing was done on alps.
somehow people suddenly assumed you can ptfe powder lube mx switches, I would not recommend that. the powder will fall off and clog up the plunger hole, the leaf etc. it’s safer with alps.


I’ve also heard this the best way to apply to PTFE powders, as just like @homerow said, if you just dry powder lube parts the powder will not stick well, inevitably fall off, & even possibly clog up parts of the switch if enough is present. I have heard of people having success dry powder lubing SKCM ALPS stems, but personally even there I would go the ISO soak & dry route or PFTE spray + bag route @Nebulant mentioned.

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this is good to know, I have some Krytox, so I may use it - maybe one day I’ll try out some Alps.

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Thanks everyone for saving me from ruining new MX switches :joy:


White alps are fairly easy to come by - send me a message if you are looking for some.