Pulled the trigger on a Quefrency v2

I wanted to expriement with a split board and got a v1. Then, during the return period, I learned about the v2 with rotary encoder support. As someone with some recurring RSI in the right hand, the possibility to offload scrolling to the left hand seems very attractive. Since ordering from keeb.io incurs expensive shipping to Germany, I had been waiting for CandyKeys to stock the new revision.

Finally, yesterday it happened, and so I pulled the trigger quickly, lest it goes out of stock.

This isn’t a good time for me to spend this money actually, especially since it’s a bit more than I thought it would be. But I’ve seen so many products pop up on stores already sold out (like wtf how does this happen, I F5 every day as well!), so I felt forced to act quickly.

What’s your experience with order timings?

Also, since I forgot to order a TRRS cable (wasn’t on the Quefrency page :sweat_smile:), is this just any audio cable with that connection? Or are data cable special?

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Welcome to the v2 gang! I had no idea that candykeys.com would have them for sale so I ordered mine the minute it was out on keeb.io and pay for the vat like a sucker. :confounded:

About the cables I think you need one with three “stripes” on the plug, normall audio has two.

Yeah I mean the headset cables, they are TRRS. So with the connector being the same, are there difference between audio and data use?

Also, what are your experiences with the Quefrency? Anything I should look out for when building? Since I need to watch the budget, the remaining parts will only come months later, so I have lots of time to prep…

U see here. U need one with three “stripes” like the left one and not two like the right one.

But u can also use 2 USB-C if u like to.

And mine ain’t built yet, I’m waiting on switches and keycaps. :grimacing:

CandyKeys is very nice and has a good customer Support. Write an eMail, maybe they can put the cable into the keyboard package. They did a similar thing for me, I forgot to order some lube some time ago.