Hi there! I really wanted to get into this hobby so I bought a hot swappable keyboard, the PCMK TKL. The reason I bought the PCMK is because most of the reviews say it’s stabs are quite good for stock and already done with switches and keycaps). So my question is; can I mod the keyboard it even more? Thank you!

Definitely so! Modding is about tuning the keyboard to your liking, which makes it preference-based. If you enjoy the stock form of the keyboard, don’t feel pressured into feeling that you ~must~ mod your board

Common mods that are done include:

  • Replacing your stabs - The PCMK that you’re getting comes with plate-mount stabilizers. If you are looking to replace or upgrade these stabs, some good options are Everglide Panda stabs and the NK plate mount stabs
  • Lubing your stabs - generally, a thicker lubricant like dielectric grease or Krytox 205g0 is used to lubricate the stabilizer wire and housings. There are other mods to be done here such as wire straightening and holee mod
  • Case foam - some people prefer a more dampened sound and choose to put some dampening foam in the case. Given the transparent bottom case, if you are interested in this, it would be good to use some light translucent foam or perhaps a clear silicon pour
  • Tape mod - there are those who feel that taping the underside of the PCB creates a nicer sound
  • PE mod - there are those who feel that adding a layer of PE foam between the PCB and switches creates a nicer sound

Finally, there are mods/personalisations that you can do such as choosing (and modding) your switches, keycaps and the like :slight_smile: