Purple Panda switches (Tecsee)

Haven’t seen any threads about this switch, so decided to start one with some of my thoughts on these tactile switches from Tecsee.

It is a mid strength tactile with 68g force and 5 pins. I guess it is supposed to be another take on the “holy panda” kind of tactile, with a nice P-shape bump. And I do think that Purple Panda fits somewhat into that mold, with the exception of post-bump travel, which is very short on Purple Pandas. The stem on the switch is quite long. For comparison:

From left to right: Purple Panda, Gazzew Boba U4T, Glorious Panda.

The upstroke also feels very fast. Here is another comparison: Purple Panda (right) vs Boba U4T (left):

Initially when I got them, there was very little ping stock. However,
after using them actively for a week I think the ping has gotten
worse. I’ve since lubed (behind) the leaf, which has alleviated this problem somewhat.

Soundwise these switches sound… sharp. I do not know how else to describe it.


There is also this notch on the stem. Does anyone know what it is for? There are similar notches on Boba U4(T).


That’s for gripping on to keycaps better. Great reveiw!

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Great comparison and photos - that’s a really long pole!

Can confirm this is an apt description, I’d use the same word. High-pitched and abrupt; seen on an audio waveform, it would be a needle-like spike. Long-pole + PME housing material = sharp claxx


That’s what always frustrated me about these switches. They’re (imo) one of their better efforts, especially in terms of stem wobble and smoothness. But the housing material, long pole, and it being tactile just come together for a very loud, sharp experience.


Indeed. I really like the tactile feel of the switches, but the sound is too distracting :slight_smile:

Tecsee makes quality switches, not sure what’s the PME or their other mystery composites all about, but they’re great.

I have both Purple Panda and Carrot and they’re both great switches, I’ve find the Purple Pandas to shine with a PC plate, on the KBD67 Lite they sound fantastic.

Their bump feels small on hand but very nice to type on when on board.