QMK 4 layers with 2 keys?

Can I get QMK to access 4 layers by holding (MO?) 0-2 keys? If so, what’s best practice for this? I’ve got a wicked hitchhiker’s thumb and I want to use it!


Pretty much all Plancks do that (lower, raise, adjust), so I would look at, say, keyboards/planck/keymaps/pok3r to see how it’s done.

Edit: actually that is a bad example, they do it in a roundabout way. What you want is simply to put MO(1) and MO(2) on the first layer, and then on layers 1 and 2 replace them with MO(3). That’s it.

You can even add one more layer, depending on the order in which those keys are pressed…


I was actually just about to post NOT to do it how the Planck does it, haha.

I’m actually not using the exact layer setup you mentioned, but I have a TG (toggle) layer that also has a layer key on it (via fall thru to the lower layer).