QMK Compatible Full-size Hotswap boards

Looking for a full board or even pcb thats qmk compatible. 96 percent would also do;


GON Nerd 108 is the only true full size I can think of. It’s available here when in stock, as well as GONs website. Someone has to have ported it to QMK by now it’s been around a while.

Otherwise there a few 96 key options like the YMDK96.


Thanks for that i’ll check it out.

Oh I just read that you want hot swap. There is no full size QMK hotswap, but YMDK 96 can be had with hot swap.

Hotswap makes it harder.

I could probably learn how to solder though the Gon NerD is expensive.

Soldering through-hole switches is easy and can be relaxing and rewarding once you get the hang. However, hotswap allows you to easily test different switches with all your fingers in daily use, which is a) probably why you asked for it in the first place and b) the only way to do so in a single lifetime and without going mad. Desoldering is a lot less Zen, let me tell you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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