QMK keypad on MacOS

Hey folks - having a bit of a puzzle over something. I have a QMK macro pad (BDN9) set up, but MscOS doesn’t see it at all. I tried USB Overdrive, which seems to have made some difference - now the pro micro’s LED is on - but still nothing.

Any tips or basic things I’m missing?

Something similar happened to me when I got a new macropad. Try:

-Updating/reinstalling qmk
-Flash it to default again

My problem was qmk needed to be updated.

I have a mac for work and I’ve used a lot of keyboards/macropads/etc with qmk with it and I’ve never had any issues at all

Thanks for the suggestions, guys - I almost wonder if I grabbed a bad cable; will have to try again tomorrow.

It was the cables. :stuck_out_tongue: Both the one I had with me and the one I borrowed were not quite right. Works perfectly now.