QMK Monthly Issue 5


  • Merlin renounces BMC forever and claims he was using ISO the whole time (fake news)
  • Breaking Changes- We have a new process for merging changes that are risky or change behavior. The first time we run this process will be during July/August.
  • We’re happy to announce that zvecr has joined QMK as a collaborator, we’re honored to have him. Zed has been responsible for adding a fair number of keyboards, fixing bugs and help lead infrastructure improvements in conjunction with Drashna.

Firmware Updates

  • matrix_scan now properly returns changed status to OLED driver (#5984) by XScorpion2
    • Fixes Issue #5982: OLED not turning off after timeout
  • Fix TO() and DF() calling layer_state_set_[kb,user] twice (#6003) by fauxpark
  • Add Belgian layout for sendstring (#6008) by kimat
  • Add additional pin defs for Teensy 3.x and LC (#6035) by zvecr
  • Parameterise STM32 I2C pin modes and timing parameters (#5671) by tzarc
    • Allows specifying the timing parameters for non-F303 STM32 microcontrollers via config.h
  • Fix i2c split encoder (#6059) by noogies/bakingpy and drashna
    • Fixes an issue with Rotary Encoder support on split keyboards communicating over I2C (#6058)
  • Moving rgb typedefs into a single location (#5978) by XScorpion2
  • Removal of Copyrighted Sounds and Songs (#5905 by drashna; #6200 by fauxpark)
  • Fixing OLED Driver for 128x64 displays (#6085) by XScorpion2
  • Add SH1106 OLED support (#5787) by datagrok
  • Fix backlight breathing on C6 (#6102) by fauxpark
  • Set default I2C clock speed to 100kHz for split_common (#6161) by nooges
    • Fixes #5569: Bad Lag sometimes happens with I2C on split boards
  • Fix breathing always on for soft PWM (#5983) by fauxpark
  • Updated AVR-GCC on MacOS to version 8 (#6077) by noogies/bakingpy

Configurator Updates

  • New Features
    • Online keyboard tester
      • In honor of Elite Keyboards’ website going dark (RIP), we have added a simple keycode tester to Configurator, so you can see what the browser sees when you hit a key. Gone but not forgotten, you will be remembered Switch Hitter!
      • ISO support based on language detection (zekth)
      • More beautiful logging (zekth)
    • Keyboard input for LT and MT aliases
      • Consistent with other QMK keycodes, you can now enter the code using your keyboard rather than only dragging
    • Load default keymap when available (zekth)
    • Printable Keymap i18n files (zekth)
    • Make ISO keycodes the default for non-US browsers (zekth)
    • Warn user when not using Firefox or Chrome browsers (zekth)
    • Load Keymap JSON from URL (zekth and noroadsleft)
    • Remove all keys from a layer
  • Fixes
    • Fix FR Translation Typos (zekth)
    • Security Fixes (github)
    • Infrastructure (upgrade node to 11)
    • Selection style (jackhumbert)
    • Layer change bug (zekth)
  • New Default Keymaps (noroadsleft)
    • Keyboards Beginning with C (35 boards)
    • Keyboards Beginning with D (14 boards)
    • Keyboards Beginning with E
    • KBD67 rev2
    • PrimeKB Prime_E (holtenc)
  • New Colorways (submitted by zekth)
    • GMK Bento by biip
    • GMK Plum by Jessica
    • GMK Yuri by T0mb3ry
    • GMK Terminal by TheKeyCompany

New Boards

  • Moon (#5976) by Wraul
  • Geekboards 8-key macropad (#5940) by moyi4681
  • HS68, Mollydooker, and TF Longeboye (#5995) by e11i0t23
  • AKB EB46 and Raine-m³ (#5996) by e11i0t23
  • XW60 (#6011) by itsdrdick
  • E6V2 R2 BMC PCB (#6009) by MechMerlin
  • KBD8X MKII (#6033) by ai03
  • Soyuz numpad (#6030) by ai03
  • BusinessCard (#6015) by kakunpc
  • CO60 PCB (#5959) by jmdaly
  • KBDPAD MKII (#6034) by ai03
  • 8 pack (#6031) by gorbachev
  • wilba.tech WT65-B and WT75-B (#5991) by Wilba6582
  • Levinson rev3 (#6064) by nooges
  • Runner3680 (#6069) by omkbd
  • Dactyl Manuform DMOTE (#6087) by veikman
  • Red Scarf II+ Ver.B (RS78) and Ver.C (RS68) (#6084) by MechMerlin
  • Siemens Tastatur Converter (#6090) by yiancar
  • IDB 60 (#5994) by pngu
  • Jopr Handwired (#6141) by joelproko
  • AEboards Ext65 (#6127) by Xelus22
  • Omnikeyish (#6167) by henrikosorensen
  • Cannonkeys AN-C (#6157) by awkannan
  • Cannonkeys Ortho75 (#6177) by awkannan
  • TA-65 (#6180) by yanfali
  • Tritium Handwired Numpad (#6125) by blu006
  • Suihankey (#6184) by kakunpc
  • Hnah40 handwired keyboard (#6183) by vuhopkep


yanfali, mechmerlin, noroadsleft, skully


ooh, i like the type tester! I can finally uninstall switch hitter!

MVP Features right here:

Especially that last one. Thtas’s going to save us some time!