I bought a DZ60RGBv2 ANSI Layout at KBDFans, it is up and running. My first “custom” keyboard.
I"m disappointed though, as my actual plan was to flash bare metal QMK directly instead of using Via, because:

  • the via host software seems to be closed source
  • the update binary KBDFans provided is closed source
  • the whole dynamic reconfiguration process just seems like really really bad security

I was hoping someone went through this process already and can provide me with some instructions.

As an example on the newest version pushing the reset button and/or escape before plugging in the USB cable does not seem to result in bootloader mode anymore, instead a drive will show up with FLASH.bin and EEPROM.bin contained.

Is it correct to assume that FLASH.bin will be the image loaded into the MCU by the bootloader?
In this case, can it simply be replaced by a generated binary with plain QMK for this processor?
How would you safely generate such an image in order to not brick the PCB?

Thanks and all the best,

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