QMK Question - Combining Shift and MO

Is it possible to have a momentary layer key which would act like a normal key if pressed when shift is held?

For instance, if 8 is pressed, instead of sending “8” it would activate MO layer, but if it is pressed when shift is held, it would act like 8 normally would and asterisk “*” would be typed.

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So functionality wise:

Press => Momentary Layer Shift
Press + Shift => *

You could do:

LT(layer, kc) which would be:
Press => *
Held => Momentary Layer Shift

You could do:
LM(layer, mod) As MO(layer) but with mod active

Do that on your shift key, and switch to a layer where 8 is a default typical 8 instead of a layer switch

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Yes, you could absolutely do that, but you’d definitely have to write the code to do this, as there is nothing built in that supports that sort of functionality.

And here are some links that may help you get this working:

From there, you should get an idea of how to do this.

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