QMK tap dancing and one-shot layers quick demo

I use QMK firmware on my custom keyboards.
I recently started using tap dancing and one-shot layers. This is a quick demo to show how cool those features can be for common keyboarding tasks on smaller layouts.

If you want to see how I have configured my left alt key for tap dancing and one-shot layer functionality, here is my keymap:


Cool stuff! I always shied away from anything less than a 75%, because I feel like I couldn’t live without my F-row, but this makes me wanna reconsider trying a 65% keyboard now :slight_smile:

Very informative stuff and thanks for the video demonstration!

Great stuff! Thanks for posting - we need more discussions on the power and programming of QMK, especially with the growing numbers of this hobby.

Great demo, thanks for sharing the code too. Now I can understand exactly how the code behaves without having to guess and read the qmk manual to figure out and still have occasional doubts.

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