QoL request [resolved]

At this point in time, this is probably a silly request, but on the dark theme, the Community category color is almost exactly the same as the black background.

Is there a different color that will show up on both light and dark themes that we can switch it to? It’s not that much of an issue, it just looks odd and is difficult to see in the dark theme.

Just a Quality of Life question. If anyone agrees or disagrees with me, feel free to put you thoughts below.


I agree 100% for this tweak!

Yep, I feel like this would be nice as well.

No problem. Done! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you.

@norbauer – Can we get a resolved plugin such as this one?

That plugin looks more like a Stack Overflow-style tool for tracking best answers than it is a sort of bug-tracking-style way of marking things resolved. I think one good solution is just to update the thread title with “[resolved],” which in this case I have done. :slight_smile: