Question about gasket mount

I was doing some research on gasket mount, but something is bugging me…

in gasket mount, the plate would be sandwiched between gaskets, is that right?
I think there is no problem with flat keyboard, but for keyboard with a slope (which pretty much all the boards would/must have) will the plate/PCB/everything inside slide down due to gravity? or would the friction from the gaskets be enough to keep them in place?

is there any specific type of “gasket” for gasket mount? is there any “properties” that I should be concern with while choosing the gaskets?

can anyone enlight me on this problem?
thank you! :grin:


I believe that the friction / pressure on the gaskets will be enough to prevent the PCB from sliding in the majority of cases.


You can place notches in appropriate places to hold the plate in place. I believe Keycult uses PORON (polyurethane).

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The gaskets are usually rubber or rubber like, when compressed there is so much friction that it ain’t going anywhere

Not sure I see the problem. I’m assuming there would be a similar gasket on the opposite side of the plate as well so there shouldn’t be an issue? Maybe I’m misunderstanding your concern.

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alright, thank you!
I will put this to the test real soon! :smiley:

I noticed in a board recently that the PCB/plate assembly was able to slide when the USB connector was being connected or removed, especially because my gaskets were stuck to the case rather than the plate. If you stick the gaskets to the plate, and your case has cutouts for the gaskets to hold them in, there shouldn’t be much movement. I ended up sticking a single gasket to the plate to serve as a bit more of an anchor.


do you mean something like this:

(image from Ai03’s Polaris)

I saw KBDFans’s gasket for the DZ65, it seems the gaskets have sticking surface to stick to the plate.
it’s clear to me now.

last thing is to find the right gasket type :smiley:

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Yep exactly! Those grooves should fit snugly around a gasket stuck to the plate. I think the D65 has similar grooves.