Question about springs

I had a question about springs that have a greater distance between actuation and bottom-out.

I was testing replacement springs for Pro Purples the other day, and nothing really worked for me.

I noticed that Pro Purples use a spring that actuates at 50 G, and bottoms-out at 70 G. That’s a 20 G difference, whereas classic Cherry light tactiles / linears have a 15 G distance.

If I were to get a spring that actuates at 50 and bottoms-out at 70, the closest I can think of is a 72 G Progressive.

That leads to the second issue, which is the type of curve. The Pro Purple actuates fairly reasonably at 50 G, right at the top, and then becomes a linear that approaches 70 G. So would a Progressive spring be a good replacement candidate, or would I want something that is opposite? [The Pro Purple is like a lighter Halo True, if that helps.] People tend to use springs for this switch that bottom-out around 62-67 G mostly.


Progressive & complex curved springs do widen the gap between starting force & bottom out. So I think that would be the way to go to keep them feeling close to stock. AFAIK both Halo (& Hakos I’d imagine) switches have a progressive type spring.


I suspected this. I tried 68 P, but it seemed to light. Maybe 72 is the way to go.

I’ve never tried Complex, but it might also be closer to the Pro Purple’s unusual spring.