Question for Data Scientists and Developers: Any issues with 100% Cloud services on ChromeOS with zero Crouton/Linux?

When I read articles about data/web development on ChromeOS devices either someone will install Crouton or completely wipe the device and install Linux.

But what if you simply rent space at AWS/Cloud 9 or Azure instead?

In this manner you do not compromise the security of ChromeOS, everything is backed up on the cloud, and you can scale up/down as needed.


I personally use a pixel slate as my primary development machine and leverage crostini for that. However, I know a few developers who will just ssh into remote environments and either use a cloud IDE or vim for the masochists.

To add to my experience developing on chromeOS, the only thing I really miss is proper window management. I prefer using tiling window managers and nothing like that is available for chromeOS.