Quick question relating LEDs

Sooo the reason for my keyboard not lighting up like on the ss is that i have opaque switch housings right (gat yellow)? Or am I forgetting something?

My board:

I’m not sure what board this is, but the keyboard in the top picture has the underglow turned on and no or disabled per-key lighting. Where yours appears to have per-key lighting and no or disabled underglow.

Per-key lighting faces up to light up the switch and cap. Underglow is LED’s attached to the bottom of the board facing down in order to give a more ambient effect.

looks like underglow vs per-key lighting as Extra_Fox mentioned. Simply going with non opaque housings won’t suddenly make it look like underglow lighting

It’s the Tofu60 DZ60RGB V2 Hot swap keeb while the one on ss is Tofu65.

This one right here is the same keeb as mine i think or are the PCBs different?

Yes, the DZ60RGB only has Per-key lighting, where the Tofu65 only has underglow lighting. Looks like the Tofu65 is available over at KBDFans.

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Right, gotchu