Quick question, should I film my Drop HPs?

Obviously planning on lubing, but I’ve heard conflicting opinions on if Drop HPs benefit from films.

Almost no pandas benefit from filming; they’re (generally) very tight housings with little to no play.

From my perspective, the question of whether or not a switch will benefit from filming is one you can evaluate yourself very easily if you have the switch on hand. The only meaningful factor to look at is “how much play is there between the top and bottom housing,” because that’s the only thing films are going to do: adjust how much play there is between the top and bottom housing (by putting something in between them). If there’s little to no play: don’t film! If you can jiggle the top housing around a bit while it’s secured to the bottom housing: film.


One consideration, would be if your lubing and opening up the houses is effecting the tightness, it might be worth filming at that point.


Yeah, for sure. I think a pretty high number of switches are worth filming after you’ve opened 'em up a few times. Certain materials like nylon or POM are more prone to getting looser over repeat opens, supposedly, but pretty much any plastic is going to (eventually) lose some of the elasticity that helps prevent that.

In my experience, four latching legs of Panda housing either get bent or break off before looseness becomes a problem. I did film a few but ended up removing them as they didn’t make much difference.