I just saw a post on r/MechanicalKeyboards about someone making a new custom keyboard subreddit called r/EnthusiastKeyboards. Do you think we need another keyboard subreddit.

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“I’ll make my own subreddit, with Artisans and Kustoms!”



already exists for customs

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Beat me too it. To answer OP though, no we do not need another subreddit for mechanical keyboards & their accessories IMHO. I don’t really get the ideal behind this one either. I can’t say I was a fan of segmenting the community by the value & availability of their boards with r/customkeyboards, but I did see the need behind it. Since there was much less custom boards being posted to r/mm & they would get buried under the huge flow of “look at my Pok3r with knock off Carbon caps” posts. This one the other hand feels like segmentation for segmentations sake. WTF is a enthusiast keyboard anyways? To me it would be any keyboard any person who is enthusiastic about them is using & we already have a subreddit for that called r/mechanicalkeyboards… :thinking:

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There are even MASH UP subs like…


Well. at least one mash up sub.

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Yeah imma go ahead and skip that one too. The only ones I really regularly check are mk and mm.


The problem with enthusiastkeyboards subreddit is that discord is already the place where those people go to talk, as well as keebtalk.

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The only reason, that I could see for a separate subreddit, is to cut out all of the gaming and or pre-manufactured keyboards.

Edit: Looks like r/CustomKeyboards/, is allready filling that role.

Edit: r/CustomKeyboards/ rule #1 seems a little excessive. “1. no plastic - Expensive plastic (polycarb customs) are acceptable, but plastic kits and taobao garbage is not.”


They’re also not fond of the 40% form factor or SA profile, according to my son. But I’ll note that he posted there anyway, with no pitchforks or crucifixions in his general direction.

I mostly stay away.


I’ve posted there a few times & never had an issue, but yeah I mostly stay away as well. I’m just not big on the connotation of being better than that they are trying to push there.


no plastic

everyone posts GMK and artisans

Honestly, I do pick up on an underlying sense of humor about it from the moderators there, it has to be a fine line they tread trying to showcase the exotic, while culling the more accessible.

I don’t drive a Ferrari, but I do like looking at pretty pictures of other people’s Ferrari’s, and it’s really not even a case where I’m envious of those who have the resources to buy and maintain them—super cars are a pain in the butt, most factors considered, it’s just kind of cool to see what’s out there even if it’s ridiculous.

I’m a bit more appreciative of makers and vendors who open up their group buys with no upper limit on production and who maintain strict quality control for the run. I also get the 1/10 GBs for the chosen few—good luck with getting that crazy dream board running, you loons.

If anyone really wanted to start another subreddit, maybe one that was dedicated to experimental hand wired builds? Toss out everything that wasn’t built in the basement out of sardine cans and baling wire. That would be sexy.


The thing that gets me is now that I look at the new sub’s rules… It isn’t really different at all from CustomKeyboards. If anything the superiority complex is worse. I kind of expected whoever made it to just be unhappy with CK but it seems like he just never heard of it.

And tbh a sub for experimental/handmade boards would actually be pretty neat.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that anyone over at r/customkeyboards actually thinks they’re better than people in the community who don’t rock customs. I just do not like the connotations having a seperate sub for customs with restrictive posting rules implies, more to people outside of or just getting into the community. It kinda gives an elitist vibe if you’re not in the know IMO.


Yeah, well there’s a fair amount of cross posting going on between r/customs and r/mk. The majority swings over from r/customs, but I’ve seen several going there from r/mk too.

Less churn over on r/customs, so they have that in their favor, r/mk will drop your three year pet project in three or four days.

And, there are no stock, straight-from-the-box HHKBs lovingly photographed on a phone camera with a background of yesterday’s dregs of beer in a dirty glass that gets 184 upvotes on r/customs. Because this happened.

Beaker’s Law: Any photo of a stock HHKB will garner at least 50 upvotes on r/mk.

Color me sympathetic. Still, I have never posted to it. Probably, I never will.