Rama Heavy Industry relaunch imminent


Saw this in the comments on twitter. Looks like Heavy Industry is coming back!


Pretty exciting stuff! Heavy industry definitely looked way better than expected


Yeah they dyesubbing came out great on it from all the pics I seen, definitely a set I’ve been kicking myself for not getting in on when I could! :dizzy_face:

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Using HEAVY INDUSTRY on my Aanzee and it’s pretty gorgeous. He had advised in one of his previous blog entries that there will be more keys in the next set.


Man, I’m excited. I didn’t pick it up before because yellow isn’t my style, but if there’s any chance of other accent colors, I’ll be all over it. That being said, the grey, as-is, already looks absolutely stellar…

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Are these caps made by epbt? Do they have the same problem that plagues the epbt homing keys?

What sort of problems plague ePBT homing keys? The previous HEAVY INDUSTRY set was made through ePBT, and this one probably will be too.

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I’m very satisfied with my heavy industry, I would consider getting more someday if there were some planck or JD40 goodies available, or maybe some hhkb arrow sublegends featured in some of the old renders. Or poach them off of somebody else’s order.

For me, the biggest issue with ePBT is the larger keys shrinking. This causes the stabilizer inserts to be pulled inward and rub against the stabilizer walls. I am unable to use 3 of my 4 sets sets of ePBT, (forgiveness, purple on beige, and slate) because the space bar will not return to the top, even with a heavy switch. I can use them on costar stabilizers, but I only own 1 board with with them. I’ve now spent over $400 on keycaps that I can’t really use. That’s my problem with ePBT.

I think the set looks great, and it would look perfect on a few of my boards… but I’m kinda done with ePBT

How do the caps shrink? Is this just a problem overtime?

They shrink in the process of cooling after being injection molded. It’s really hit or miss on exact fit with larger keys when it comes to PBT. I’ve had issues with Signature Plastics caps as well, but they have always been good about sending individual replacements until I get a good one.

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Don’t they have the impact issue as a result of being Cherry profile and having the switches be north-facing instead of south-facing?

yes, since they are cherry profile, you will get contact with the inside of the cap and switches with LEDs on the top (upside down logo), on at least 2 rows. You can buy the washers that novelkeys sells to fix the issue. Works really well. I think some people have noticed that the homing keys have issues even on regularly placed switches, too.

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Thankfully I’ve found my homing keys don’t seem any different than any of the others, but all spacebars I’ve received from my ePBT kits are warped, even the replacement ones. I’ll just have to keep trying to flatten them out.

I keep hoping RAMA will do a run of GMK Heavy Industry with the colors he has teased for the set in his renders. I’m a fan of the darker mods.

GMK Yellow Jacket IC looks pretty close to this.

Love my ePBT heavy industry. 10/10 would recommend.

WAIT - is this why my spacebar feels so mushy and resistant? I thought I went too hard on the lube or something. I’ll have to put one of my GMK spacebars on and see if it makes a difference.