RAMA KARA XL (injection-molded U80-A) in 2021?

Disclaimer - this is pure speculation, and I have no way of confirming any validity to my theory.

With the end of the KARA group buy coming up, I thought I’d rewatch the launch video and check to see if there are any Easter eggs in it (as with how the KARA was teased in the U80-A video). The most visible hidden message was the “Kept you waiting, huh?” typed out on the keys at the very end, but around the 0:31 mark (on the VIA configurator screen), I noticed that another message was rapidly typed out as well - “XBYO / KARA XL”

This other message is a bit more cryptic than the ones typically found at the ends of their launch videos, so I’m not sure if the “XL” bit is actually intentional. However, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense for RAMA to apply the injection molding formula to their past boards in order to produce accessible versions for the masses (the KARA is essentially a budget-friendly version of the M60-A with an updated internal structure, for example).

I think this would prove to be a pretty exciting development for the overall landscape of the hobby in 2021. RAMA industrial design, typing feel, and sound - with shorter fulfillment times and lower price points? I’m in for one of each form factor if so.


Wouldnt make me angry if true. Don’t think I’m alone there


I can imagine a Kara XL delivering before U80A Seq 2, wew

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Could be an injection molded m65 too?


It could be anything over a 60% I suppose.

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Yup, I’m now inclined to believe it could also be this 75% they shared on their social channels recently.


I think the 75% is the more likely candidate, and then the TKL.

I’m not sure if they’d want to head into the 65% sphere and go “head to head” so to speak with what will be available at that time: NK65, Portico, Bauer Lite, KBD67 Lite, and whatever else may be entering that realm of budget entry 65%s. They might have a better route if they go for the other layouts like 75% and TKL first but :man_shrugging: we’ll see. I’m just down to see different layouts with that MUTE.


It would be great for them to have “budget” boards readily available alongside their metal boards existing as special editions (because the basically all ready are). I will be curious to see if the new 75% tease board from Instagram is a plastic or metal board. The new signature soya colorway makes it hard to tell what material its made out of.
Following the Keycult instagram stories lately has really opened my eyes to how long it takes to machine these keyboard cases.

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Yup! Often people don’t realize a large part of a keyboard’s price isn’t the material cost, but the machine time


This looks to be a new machined keyboard, not injection molded. YETI?

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Ooo, I hadn’t considered that the “YETI” could be infection molded. That said, i really hope it’s machined. The small chamfers around the cutouts for the F-row are giving hope that it is.

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What is that screen thing. It looks cool but expensive. Or is it just for the render?

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I believe that is just for the render, as it has the rama logo on it, USB-c ports, and a numer of knobs that have modern keyboard options on them, and seems to draw from a variety of vintage computers in its stylings

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