Rama kara

Announcement post:

Found a thread on reddit where someone was documenting all of the known information:

I’m pretty excited about this since it’s an affordable RAMA board in my daily driver layout.



That off-white case render is looking super joocy. I’ve been looking for a cream colored board for a bit and this might be it.

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I’m starting to feel like the creamy off-white “soya” colors from RAMA feel like their signature color. If I see those colors, I immediately think of RAMA. The keyboard looks pretty good, curious to see what the price is going to be like for the polycarb.

They’ve said the price is $160.

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Ok, well that means I can’t not get it now. Never thought i’d see <200 for Rama

KATE profile look interesting also…

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yeah that’s definitely the one I’m most interested in

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I just realized that the launch time is 11:11 PM. I guess I’ll just check in tomorrow morning.


oh dang that’s today ill probably get one, wish it was normal 60 and not hhkb though

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I’ll also probably get one though production time makes me hesitant…
@dwarflemur have you seen the dixie mech bauer that is small and similar idea to Kara but with arrow keys?

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yeah, I’m not as much of a fan of 65% and thought the way the colored plate showed through the case in the render was kinda ugly tbh, I really like the clear look of these rama cases. if they have the bauer in an opaque color ill probably pick one up

idk that any of RAMA’s existing production run times are relevant here. Every single major time-consuming step (CNC, polishing) besides QC from their prior runs is not part of the production process for this (since it’s an injection-moulded plastic case), so it should go pretty quickly by comparison.


yep, a proper injection molding shop in China should be able to crank out hundreds of these a day


I would watch that video.


I wish I could share, not keyboards, but I’ve been to some smt and injection molding factories and it’s pretty wild. That stuff is all propriety and under nda etc etc. they’re usually pretty strict about even letting you have your phone inside


I think I’m in for at least 2.

Is it just me, or does it look kind of like you could put a back-weight from a Rama M60 on these?

I also wish more had the finish of the Soya, where it seems like the screw points are not clearly visible.

I believe they confirmed that the weight and dampener from the M60 is compatible.

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Hmm, the back weight? Or internal? Guess I’ll soon find out anyway.