Rama Keycap - what’s behind the price premium

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been looking at a few key caps sets and I’m finding that there is usually a Rama keycap that’s $30+.

My understanding is that the rama keycap is made with either aluminum or brass. Is there any other reason that the price is so high for these individual key caps?


Machining time, finishing time, Rama eating.


Why not?

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I’m going to buy it anyways. I was curious if there was something special about it :sunglasses:

As with many things in this hobby. If you like it get it.

I’m sure a lot of labor and design work goes into these, but after getting my metal Enter key for Nautilus Nightmares, I think it’s one of those cases where you get diminishing returns once you get past a price certain point. It barely seems different from a plastic cap in terms of look or feel. Not sure about the single keys, but I expected a bit more of a premium feel, or at least something with a bit of heft to it. Not to mention the fact that a lot of people apparently had issues with their keys not fitting properly (super loose). Luckily mine was okay in that regard.


30€ for an aluminium artisan is cheap, very often it is in the 50€ range.
The reason of the price is the material cost (for brass and copper), and most of all machining time.
Even at 50€ the price is acceptable, given all the CNC work behind this and with minuscule tools that can break easily.


Psst. $62 USD.



Same reason for buying a keycult, the keycult logo on the rama is a great touch.

I don’t see any new Rama caps at lower than $40 GB price anymore. Metal’s expensive, demand is high, shipping is terrible. And a lot of people (myself included) are willing to keep paying higher.

Of all the people in the keyboard game, I don’t mind paying premium to Rama. It’s quite difficult to pull off what they do which is to take on unlimited orders. I support them 100%.

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Rama’s brass caps are beautiful but I usually find them too heavy to be usable.
The aluminum caps on the other hand are just right.

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