Rama Turnaround time?

I recently pre-ordered a RAMA M6-C and am curious what others experiences were with them. Specifically about how long after placing the order that the products ended up in your hands. I am clearly too excited for a macro pad.

I ordered mine in the first round of M6-C on 7/10/2019 and got it on 12/02/2019. 5-6 months seems to be fairly typical.

I’m curious, how long the production time will be for the Rama M65-B. Other keyboards needed 8 months.

I ordered my U80-A on July 6th, have no idea when I will get it.

They posted an update on Twitter the other day saying April/May. My guess is there were a significant number of orders that added up to a long production timeline; seems to be common with their unlimited GBs.