RAMA WORKS Duck Switch Review

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It’s been quite the week of content for me already from maildays to running a 6 hour long twitch stream, but I couldn’t help but cap off the weekend in the same relaxing way I have been for years - with a long form switch review. This time I take a deep dive into the new RAMA WORKS Duck switches. Boasting improved designs from their integrated ‘MUTE’ pads in the bottom housings, are these the next big Gateron switch of 2022, or are they not all quacked up to what they claim to be?

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As always, thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown me on all my various content platforms over the years. It’s the kind words and viewership that drives me onwards perpetually, and especially during busy weeks like this one! It’s truly appreciated beyond words. :heart:

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An enjoyable read and a very informative review as always, and about another switch I was specifically curious about. Not only does the review every question I had about these, I learned some other interesting things I wouldn’t have thought to ask about. I’d love to start talking about them right now, but no spoilers, go read the review!


I feel like a comparison to the KS9 Pro is going to continue to both some of the highest praise and most damning condemnation of a switch. When something performs that well at a budget price point, new switches have to bring something else to the table, in my opinion.

While the Mute mounts could’ve been that, it seems like their pseudo-film function wasn’t quite that. I’m hopeful that this could be a bellwether moment for linear switches. Smoothness and wobble have basically reached the point of diminishing returns so hopefully, focus can shift to where there’s still room for improvement like in sound and push feel.


Piqued not peaked.

Great article. This has answered all the questions I had about these switches. The mute pads are definitely interesting.

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