Rama Works U80-A

  • Fixed layout
  • TKL
  • Good aesthetic
  • Not winkeyless

i didn’t know it was even possible


I’m going to get a Milk one, pretty sure.

Kinda wishing WKL was available but slightly relieved, too. It’s been an expensive month already.


It looks fantastic. I can’t seem to find any mention of what the case angle is, though.

Good point. I don’t see it mentioned anywhere. I’m going to bet it’s 8 degrees to match the M60-A

8 degrees.

What colors are used by U80?
I have MT3 Godspeed incoming and asking myself if U80 Lake or Milk would be a good match.

milk should work for you.

Thank you

One other question: in several forums people mentioned that they get an additional PCB. Is this a good choice Since the PCB is ‚likely‘ to fail? On the other hand the PCB is from @Wilba, so it should be good.
I want to be sure to use the board for a while at that price I would consider a second PCB if the is recommended.

I wouldn’t say it’s likely to fail but because these are generally one off products it is often advised to get a spare. If anything, if you decide to sell it later it will have a higher value and secondly, if you get the solder versions it gives you an opportunity to swap different switches without resoldering your first PCB.

wouldn’t he also need to get another plate and mute? seems like expensive extras to avoid desoldering.

Mmm yes I did forget that aspect. So maybe forget that extra feature but it is still a nice to have in case of emergency!

oh god it looks fantastic.
How am I supposed to chose one color if they all looks so good?!

Ok I think I will order a spare one, but I tend to get hot swap anyway, so I would just need an additional PCB.
The reselling value is a good argument to get a spare one.

Damn. Someone sell me their spot, pretty please?

Mine just came and on the inside of the case there’s a gash from the machining - should I just ignore it since I won’t see it anyway? Do these things happen?

I think that’s considered acceptable depending on the severity. But if it’s on the inside, I believe most vendors will still consider that A-stock.