RAMA's M60-A Olivia Tank

As seen here.

Quite a stunning case, but dear god! It’s 1000$! For a case alone! I can’t even fathom having the budget to buy that. I wonder how many of these are going to sell. Thoughts?

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I went for the moon finish one but if I had those kinds of fun funds I could definitely see myself getting the PVD brass version!

Yeah they are pricey & really for the most well off community members, but all brass cases & kits going north of 1k is quickly becoming a thing in the hobby. Unfortunately I don’t have funds to grab anything like that, but if I did just like @cijanzen I could see myself grabbing one.

Options are nice. Obviously, a thousand dollar case isn’t going to be within the range of most, but that’s ok, solid brass or stainless steel doesn’t lead to better functionality, it’s just fucking cool. The neat thing is, nobody needs to know how much any of it cost, and what you might have paid is not going to be obvious to anyone.

Low key, understated, and rock solid is a nice esthetic, IMO, and might be worth it for a few.

Come to the next Ohio Meet and put your paw prints all over my Monolith, it’s why I bought it, and I will actively encourage you to pick it up. Just don’t drop it on your foot, I’m not worried about the floor.

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Haha as I was reading you post I though to myself “this guy would love a Monolith”. Lo and behold…

It looks nice, but totally normal. There’s nothing bling about it. But, pick it up. You just won’t understand unless you do. It really messes with your perceptions.