Re-run of Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 keycap set

I just noticed that Drop is running another full GB of /dev/tty with some pretty cool additions—most notably a blanks kit, which could look pretty cool.


I’m just happy they are finally running it with compatibility instead of 2-3 rounds in a row of just supporting their own keyboards :roll_eyes:


Yes! I should have mentioned that in the OP. I’m very happy to finally pick up an RGB kit.

I wonder why they haven’t included the CMY kit in any of these re-runs yet, I rocked that setup as my daily for like 3 years.

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CMY kit was so awesome. I wish they had included it.

I might have an extra CMY kit if anyone is interested in purchasing. Somehow I ended up with 2.

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Ye, I’m happy that it comes with ISO and Nordic now, will probably get some small spacebars and unicorn barf to. :tada::unicorn::+1:

I think I bought a kit in every /dev/tty pre-order so far

Love the little spacebars, now I am planning on /dev/tty for my LZ PhysiX. Had to get the side printed caps as well.


Wowee you’re definitely going to be ready to rumble!

Are you going with the triumph mods are normal colored mods for your PhysiX?

The gray/gray plus RGB, it’s such a classic look and looks fantastic on black IMO.

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