Realforce 87u in 2022

I feel like I was just looking at the 87u on mech store yesterday and was going to pull the trigger but I noticed it being out of stock (maybe it already was and I’m just an air head). Is there a reliable marketplace (new or used) that’s still selling these or are the prices already jacked. I check mostly on Ebay or /r/mechmarket but don’t see anything in the realm of realistic.

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Unfortunately I’m afraid it’s only going to get even more difficult to find an 87u, since they are no longer being manufactured. Even the R2’s days are numbered now since the unveiling of the R3, which - interestingly - more resembles the classic 87u shape. But in your case I think eBay and r/mm may end up being your best (and only?) bet. You may have some luck trying international vendors, but I’ve never gone that route before.

I wasn’t aware of an R3. If it’s also going to look more like the classic than the R2 (which… me no like) then I may be interested. Let me look into it

Edit: Nevermind, I have seen the R3 under a different pretense. Guess I need to find an 87u and fast…

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I believe they’re easier to find in Japan (i.e., through a proxy). But that’s hearsay, so :ear_of_rice: of :salt:.

Just checked out the R3 and sheesh… that is depressing. Going to miss that beige beauty.

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i checked on buyee and the cheapest I’m seeing for an 87u is around $600 US… ouchie



ha… me too. I have a stock 87u that I actually got for free a long time ago. Bought it from Massdrop in like 2015. It got lost in the mail and never arrived, so they refunded me. It showed up over a year later on my doorstep.


Dang, now that’s quite the journey.

After I mod my 87U I’m sure it won’t be worth much, but it is simply to get me past the regret of not opting for the silenced version when I bought it.

Hi, rich. I’m

rich is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

Edit: This thread has made me sad. I will now cover it in humor.


@cam.machi I am currently looking to sell a 91u. It’s used but in good shape. PM me if you’re interested (and in the US)

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The only NIB I found now with normal price tag are in UK, and are 87UB in variable variant. I did that (although I have already a 87UW) and got one, paying shipping and extra customs because of stupid Brexit, but only to ‘old’ Europe, and even bought a variable 104UW just for domes and caps and all. One could make money, buying those and selling to Japan for three times more I would think.

You tease me good sir/madam. Some of you guys here have offered 91’s to me, to which I’ve rescinded my interest in such (but thank you!), but I’m just trying to find a 90’s office beige keyboard for work. Leopold and Realforce being the obvious. Something to partner with my hhkb I use for my laptop. (f you apply butterfly switches)