Realforce R2 RGB


Fujitsu Store link:

Uhhh so… $400? wow that’s way too high in my opinion. What do y’all think? Are the ARR GEE BEEs worth the price upgrade over the normal R2 variants? Assuming this shares the same MX/topre sliders as the fullsized RGB model, buying an aftermarket Novatouch for $250 is still a cheaper way of getting mx sliders :stuck_out_tongue:


I love Topre. I love Realforce, but I much prefer them being under $200, and not over $300. Especially with BKE Redux Domes now being a thing and cheap clones being available - can’t see justification anymore for their price.

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No problem. These will be on Massdrop in a few months for $399.99 with free shipping. Estimated ship date will be Q1 2020. Just have to wait, my man.

I love my RealForce 87U as much as the next enthusiast, but RGB is not worth an extra $150-200 to me, not by a long-shot.

The MX/topre sliders are intriguing, but aftermarket options are available (and I would just get the non-RGB variant, anyway). Honestly, the longer I’ve been in the hobby, the more I appreciate a good acrylic diffuser along the side of the board or subtle under-glow; unicorn barf on the keys is just not as appealing to me as it once was.

Godspeed to whoever is buying these boards, but it isn’t gonna be me.

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Do we know for sure they will have MX sliders? I haven’t seen it confirmed anywhere.

Agreed! I think they are out of their minds pricing this that high. Especially after the OG RF RGB really wasn’t a huge hit with enthusiasts or gamers. I don’t get their end game here TBH? I could see if it was a limited run with a metal chassis or something along those lines, but $400 for the standard TKL RF RGB is a bridge to far for my wallet & I think a lot of people will share that sentiment.

@Manofinterests - Where did you see that the full-size uses MX sliders? I looked all over the Realforce website and I couldn’t find that info anywhere.

I had a unit for review a little back


It looks like this video is from April 2017. That had to have been the original RGB Realforce, right? (not the new R2 we’re talking about in this thread)

Are we sure this new R2 RGB also uses MX sliders?

I apologize if I am missing something really obvious. The keycaps do look the same. (FWIW, I see the same question is unanswered over at r/mk)

The R2 in “R2 RGB” refers to the TKL version of the Realforce R2. You’re right that there is no clear indication that these are indeed mx sliders, but from what I know about Topre, I don’t see why they’d throw away this innovation that developed for their fullsized board.

All of the R2 models were built from the RGB realforce (hence all of the TKLs have a similar case, just chopped off numpad). And they have announced in the past that there would be a TKL version of this full size board (which is assumably the R2 RGB).

I find it more likely they would continue to use the transparent mx sliders with mx compatible keycaps that they currently have in production for the RGB realforce than develop new transparent topre sliders and new doubleshot topre keycaps.

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All I want is something like a Novatouch: $140, and MX sliders, no need for keycaps.


For $400 I would expect it to come with unique key weighting specific to this board.

Possibly even different dome materials that they wouldn’t normally be able to use due to standard budget constraints.

And assembled by virgin waifu’s who will lick your brass QC sticker on.

No, I don’t see any of that happening here.


Yeah, I’m not sure who this is meant for. I don’t see any casual wanting to spend $400 on this thing and enthusiasts aren’t going to pay $400 for it either. I can only see die hard Topre fans picking it up since it’s official Topre goods but even then… wow.

Here here. I join you in that dream.


I hear that it’s functionally the same and has the same problems of the V1. My guess is that it’s just forcing a SKU reset now that they have a single source American retailer. Their model has always been limit, rather than meet the market. They can lock down their product supply with a single source of retail and not have to change tooling significantly.

A bit off topic but any thoughts on making your cases compatible with the NIZ/Plum 87 EC?

The board itself runs around $120–$140 depending on configuration.

Most of the reviews say its a good board except for the stock case [could be fixed by you] and the slightly scratchy stems [could be improved with lube.]

It uses MX Stems and is compatible with BKE domes.

Just a thought.

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Well, I picked one up. Feel stupid paying so much for it. I got into Topre too late to have a chance at a Novatouch. Seems like all the after market slider options are less than ideal.

I’ve only typed on it a little. (Jury duty this week). It seems just as solid as my R2 PFU edition. Seems like there is less flex in the case and that it’s more solid than either of my 87Us. (Although, of course, way way way less substantial in every way to the Norbaforce on my daily driver :slight_smile: )

Perhaps my favorite thing about Topre is the soft landing. (I always bottom out and have a touch of arthritis). The RGB R2 feels a little harsher on the bottom out to my fingers. Seems harsher than the R2 PFU.

I’ve got yet another R2 with all 30g weight on the way to LA from Japan. Planning to dome swap the RGB to all 30g. I’ll probably sell the PFU edition and and the remaining post-dome-swap parts.

Then, I’ll just start praying for Norbauer to make a case for the R2s!

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Yes please this

Oooff !! the price! I already have two RF87u 55g, one of which has been converted with MX sliders, housed in a Norbaforce case.

Let’s see if this R2 comes with MX sliders

Man, I was going to go in for the RGB TKL, but here we are, I guess. Good thing I impulse bought that Novatouch.