Recommend me a 65% PCB (or help me with design), please

Hello again Fellas,

I’m very passionate about the TGR 910 layout(as everyone else). But I’m looking to manufacture one case inspired in its design, for my own use. The case’s design is done. Now I need to hunt for a PCB, I know that I have some options like the Tada68 PCB, but I’m being very particular and would like the USB input to be in the middle of the board. At this point I assume that there aren’t 910 original PCBs around…Which leads me to two different paths: Find one 65% compatible with the requirement, which I’d love to hear from you. the other option would be design my own PCB, I did that before based in tutorials but it ended up being a mess, mostly because of the fact that I inverted the switches accidentally…you can imagine my frustration when I received it from the manufacturer. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts.



A low-cost option would be to give the case some more bezel and use that to hide a wire leading to a daughterboard on one of the off-the-shelf 65%s.

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Thanks for replying! and yes, this is a nice option that I didn’t think about. I’ll research on daughterboards. Thanks again!!!