Recommendations for high-quality clip-in stabs

Any recommendations or good experiences with clip-in stabilizers? I’ve had very mixed results with Cherry’s stabilizers and am looking for alternatives.

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There seem to be these:

Gateron Clip ins: Gateron Clip-in PCB mounted Stabilizers – qwertyqop

Also might wanna check here: In-stock Stabilizers on ThocStock | ThocStock


I find cherry clip-ins to be pretty good overall but if you’re prepared to fight through shopify issues and wait for drops, TX stabs are better. The v1 “stab stopper” is pretty annoying to insert but the stabs are relatively low maintenance vs other clip-ins and v2 is supposed to have fixed the insert issue. Mekibo email list has pinged before those drops so maybe follow them.

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Tx is really good, don’t have to maintain them like cherry stabs. I agree that inserts are hard to use but honestly imo they are not needed usually since the plate blocks stabs in most boards. Pretty sure instock on taobao.

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OG cherry clip-in from a vintage cherry keyboard is the best ones.

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Yeah, the old-style OG Cherry stabilizers are the best.

If by ‘clip-in’ you mean plate-mount, then I have had relatively good results with Zeal gold-plated Cherry-style plate-mount stabilizers. You just have to wait for them to go on sale, you can get them like 30% off.

Thanks for the tip. I was referring to PCB-mount, clip-in stabilizers. With the proliferation of Banneker-derived kits out there, I’m hoping there will eventually be more good options.

Oh, ok. I don’t have much familiarity with that. Had such great results with old-style OG Cherry stuff in general, though.