Recommendations to go back to TKL/68%+

Hi there,

This can be a very generic question, but I’m quite lost and some guidance would be great.

I’ve using 60% keyboards for a while, however I bought a Norbatouch which I love using, and I realised I really miss my extra keys when I go back to the 60% now. So thinking of getting a board for my non-topre needs… ideally a TKL, I would do with anything 68% or bigger.

Then I started looking around, but I’m very lost and not sure what is available right now… I saw the keycult ones but they seem impossible to get.

I like my keyboards on the soft side, so I guess gasket mount would be ideal, maybe top mount would work as well? And I like them flat or as low degrees as possible (one of the reasons I love the Norba).

Do anyone have any recommendation of something I can check? GB, IC or older keyboards to look for in mechmarkets?


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Not quite what you’re asking for but TKC has the SP-111 on GB till the 27th. It’s a split sandwich mount 75%. Worth taking a look at IMO.

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Oooh, that’s nice!

Unfortunately I must be the only remaining specimen of the “usesrightfingertotypenumbersixdocus” :sweat_smile:

No, but really, am I the only person in the world that uses the right hand to type 6???

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Tons of gasket mount keyboard in IC. A few in GB. However, low typing degree isn’t a trend.

For 65% you’ve just missed out on some great options: Iron 165, Savage 65, Chimera 65. However here’s a few other options:

[GB] PC Canoe. Attractive price with only 2 days left to buy. However, it’s bottom mount with steel plate.

[GB] Rama M65-B. Offered in very appealing colors and will be using some version of gasket mount it seems but the default plate is brass.

[IC] SKB2. Will be very affordable with different layout options, gasket mount, and adjustable typing angle. I regret missing out on the first round but plan to get a second round.

Not too many options out there for TKL right now I believe but here’s a few:

[GB] E8.5. Good price with gasket mount. However, 7 degree typing angle. 2 days left for aluminum version.

[IC] Cygnus. This an interesting one because it is a F-row less TKL which has a gasket mount and relatively low typing angle, 5.5 degrees. However, there is some drama surrounding the GB runner.

There will be tons of options aftermarket. But, I can’t really think of any gasket mounts that wouldn’t have a big markup.


Thanks so much, I really appreciate that!

Yeah, I noticed everyone is doing at least 7 degrees nowadays…

btw, [quote=“Seoulcialite, post:4, topic:7697”]
However, there is some drama surrounding the GB runner.

What is the drama about? It’s one of the few lower than 7 degree ones I have seen…

One is kind of explained here in the original IC thread: [IC] CYGNUS — GB Live.

There was another incident which I’m not comfortable sharing myself since I don’t think I have all the information. You might be able to read up on it in MechKeys discord if you search for “justice for biso” or “justiceforbiso”.

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Also, plate material will have the biggest effect on the firmness of the typing feel. From what I know (and I may be wrong on this), gasket mount may soften the feel a small amount but its main function is to isolate the sound of the switches from the housing.

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Thanks for the info, in that case I’m even more interested since most of my builds are with silent switches and I’m quite sensitive to metallic pings…

Damn, you aren’t kidding. I was very close to joining that GB, but instead ordered an E8.5 after reading that thread.

If your looking for some thing a little more utilitarian, the Tex Shinobi should be shipping in a couple of months.